Well volunteered!

Write a CPAN Tester reporting tool that can scrape test data from any slave process.

Write a tool that can run any other tool as a child, and collect its output and use it as a CPAN TESTERS test report.

ie: cpantester-reporter run cpanm -v Moose

or even cpantester-reporter -e "perl ./Makefile.PL" -e "make" -e "make test"

This could then by augmented and bolted on to almost any tool/suite that can install/test perl things, ie:
Gentoo, where we can permit all users to run test.
Debian, perhaps they could report test results during packaging.


Separating the test-reporting system from the install toolchain makes this way more useful, just implementing that sucker is the hard task.

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  • Kent Fredric commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would supersede the proposed patch to cpanm, and also get around the notion that cpanm many never support reporting tests natively, because upstream have said they wont.

    With this approach, they don't need to, as long as the tool can mangle/handle cpanm, it will work.

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